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Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Young Generations -- Lost in Translation

We've just turned another century and we are still here, alive and kicking. The purpose of this hub is give a variety, or a wider range of advice for the parent and general public that participates in the painstaking process of raising a young kid. Maybe we can go a little back in time and then bounce back with a better focusing in our writing.

How was a kid in the times of Noah?

A kid in those times would depend on his parents for every single move. Just to go to get water from a fountain or a well, would mean to get a blessing from his father, or the Chief of the tribe or the Clan. Respect was shown, and respect was received. A parent was the next thing to a biblical Character, for those kids. No TV, no 'texting' to get them out of the way. If lucky they got an education to read the Bible, if not, just join the adoration day -- no Churches and Calendars yet.

Kids around Civil War time.

When civil war broke in the earliest 1860's, Industrial revolution was about to take off. Krupp Cannons and its industry were already around 200 years old. Kids would just have access to odd dolls and war related games. A parent would go away for years and a mother would wait...sometimes in vain.
Our Young Generations -- Lost in Translation

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