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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Women Love High Heels?

Rumor has it... How is that when we males see a woman walking down the street; we literally turn to watch instinctively? Is this the preamble of a sexy view? Most likely yeah, unless you got cheated by Ru Paul, who didn't mind... making you turn heads... right Channing Tatum? "Yuck Lord!" For the married guy, is an announcement of an impending slap on the face, courtesy of the wives walking next to them. For the single guys is just a reminder of freedom and its exquisite benefits. Sorry Brad Pitt, Angelina got you good by the balls of fire from a 4th of July evening! All along Matthew McConaughey was laughing with us with his free spirit and his sex appeal. More.... Why Women Love High Heels?

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Understand This Mommy Who's Ideas Were Close to Miracles?

What is a mom capable of? What made them have babies? Who decided to make them get pregnant and not us?

Do you hear me guys? Hey Franky! Come on! Why are you looking the other way? Here! put that cigarette down and listen to this one:

One morning this mother called Laura woke up 'legally blonde' and almost single. She just got hold of an e-mail from hubby: "I'm tired of living with you, and not getting anywhere...I'm leaving with your best friend: Lilian. I don't want to hit you anymore, so is better leave it like this. Just get your lawyer, and I don't care... I will sign the papers..."

How to Understand This Mommy Who's Ideas Were Close to Miracles?

Monday, March 12, 2012

How To Prevent a Suicide

Suicides are on a rise these days. One often wonders that how deep-set must be the state of depression and helplessness that leads a person to take his/her life.

This is a serious issue, and we will try to make our best to give a resourceful advice.

By the numbers. Every 40 seconds a person takes his life around the world. This is an staggering number that completely surpasses the death caused by war and homicides altogether. There is no doubt whatsoever that our young generations are taking life in their own hands literally. Sad enough social services are not really taking heed to reduce the rate of suicides in our own Country.

Shortage of subsides in health care and cuts in Insurance payoffs have diminished preventive measurements against this delicate issue.

Coping with suicidal thoughts

These are general live savers that can apply for the person you care about
1.Make them feel that they are not alone. 1 in 6 will go through this
2. They are not weak, flaw or going simply crazy. explain to them that sharing the pain will help them to spread the load of guiltiness
3.Hope is out there and we've got to be in contact with them continuously

How To Prevent a Suicide

First Aid for Kids-- When Emergency is crucial

Your kids and yourself can begin to study safety manuals from the Red Cross available at the Internet. In our own case, The basic text we’re using is a Community First Aid & Safety manual from the American Red Cross that I picked up for free. We won’t be reading over each and every word in the text we’re using; instead I’ll be summarizing a lot of the material to make it applicable to your kids and their abilities.

Suggested Activities and Resources.
■Make a home first aid kit. Have your kids help you collect all the supplies to put a home first aid kit together. (Please note that the use of syrup of ipecac is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics). Here are some of the items you might consider including in your kit:

2)gauze squares
3)adhesive tape
5)ice pack
6)hydrogen peroxide
7)rubbing alcohol
8)cotton balls
12)cotton balls
13)disposable gloves
14)elastic bandage
15)paper cups
16)calamine lotion
17)activated charcoal
18)first aid information (such as a reference card)

**Obtain a good first aid guide from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. You can probably find used copies of these at a large used book store like Half-Price Books. Use the guide as your “curriculum.”

**Check out your local library for some good books on first aid and safety. The youth nonfiction section will likely have several good books about safety and first aid written at a child’s level. Although not an exhaustive list, here are some subjects that would be good to look up and study with your kids:

■fire safety
■bike safety
■water safety
■stranger safety
■gun safety
■first aid, especially with regard to the following emergencies:■Head injuries
■Broken bones
■Lack of breathing/heart attacks

■Have your kids attend a first aid class. Check with your local community center, hospital, or school to find out where such classes might be offered.
■Utilize the internetfor some free safety and first aid information. Here are some sites with good information you might like to check out:

a)Kids Health

b)Injury Free

c)American Academy of Pediatrics